Islam on Love & non-Violence

Islam on Love & non-Violence

Islam on Love & non-Violence

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Author : Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

Book Language : English

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The topic of Islam on love and non-violence in an environment imbued with intolerance, extremism and terrorism, is very significant. This book portrays how loving humanity and eliminating violence are key in all the Islamic teachings and are evident in the conduct of Allah’s exalted Messenger.

The holy Quran states that Almighty Allah has raised the Prophet as an epitome of mercy for the entireuniverse. Despite atrocious afflictions caused by the polytheists of Mecca, the Prophet remained peaceful and always sought dialogue as a means of resolution.

Islam is a religion that preaches peace, security, love and regard. According to Islamic teachings, a Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand all people, whether Muslim or Non-Muslim, are safe. The dignity, inviolability and protection of human life is basic to Islamic law. Killing a human unjustly is unlawful and also an act of disbelief in certain cases.

Islam states that the sanctity of life is superior to the sanctity of the Ka’ba hence shedding blood unjustly has been condemned in the harshest possible terms. Under Islamic law even in the state of war non-combatants cannot be killed during battle. The only enemies who are allowed to be killed are those actively take part in combat. Other restrictions also include killing animals, damaging crops, destroying buildings, properties and places of worship. Such strict rulings are in place even during times of war therefore it is clear that all acts of terrorism and extremism are in direct contravention of the teachings of the Quran and hadith.

Islam eliminated hatred through love, terrorism through peace and ignorance through knowledge. This book portrays how love, peace and knowledge form the very essence of Islam.


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